The peanuts coloring pages

Oct 30 2019

Unusual for Japanese singers at the time, the duo had success in Germany, as well as in Austria. In 1963 Caterina Valente was in Japan where the duo caught her attention. Valente invited them to Germany. On the occasion of the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Michael Pfleghar produced the opening ceremonies, where both were also invited, and the musical director Heinz Kiessling produced German-language recordings with them, including “Souvenirs from Tokyo”. In 1965, Pfleghar cast them in two other shows “The Smile in the West” and “Schlager-Festspiele”. In total, they released eight singles in the German language between 1964 and 1967. In 1965 “Souvenirs from Tokyo” reached No. 18 on the Austrian charts and spent 2 weeks at No. 40 on the German Billboard charts. In 1967 “Bye, Bye Yokohama” spent 4 weeks on the Germany charts, rising to No. 30. In 1966, the duo also performed at the Olympia in Paris.

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