Maniac magee coloring pages

Jul 25 2020

Jeffrey Lionel Magee’s parents were killed in a trolley accident when a drunk driver crashed and sunk it into the river in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, orphaning him at age three. After living with his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan in Hollidaysburg and enduring their mutual hatred and silence for eight years, he runs away during a school musical performance. Over a year and 200 miles later, he finds himself across the river from Bridgeport in Two Mills, where Hector Street divides. He meets Amanda Beale, an East Ender who carries her suitcase full of books to keep them away from her younger siblings and borrows one before continuing his dash through town. Along the way, he intercepts a football pass made to local football star James “Hands” Down, infuriates gigantic little leaguer John McNab by hitting home runs off his fastball, and saves an unlucky child from Finsterwald’s backyard, which is full of negative energy. Because of these acts, he earned the nickname “Maniac” and started a local legend.

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