Lego bionicle coloring pages to print

Aug 10 2020

The project was originally conceived as “BoneHeads of Voodoo Island” by art director Christian Faber and Lego employees Bob Thompson and Martin Riber Andersen from a brief by Erik Kramer that was sent to outside writers. One of the writers who received it was Alastair Swinnerton, who rewrote the concept and was later invited to pitch it to the Lego Group at their headquarters in Billund, Denmark. The revised concept was well received and Swinnerton was commissioned to expand his initial pitch into a full ‘bible’. On his second visit to Billund, the project was given approval and entitled “Bionicle” at an internal Lego meeting (a portmanteau constructed from the words “biological chronicle”). The names “BioKnights” and “Afterman” were also considered prior to the finalization of the brand.

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