Chicka chicka 123 coloring pages

Aug 31 2020

The number 0 wants to climb up an apple tree, as he watches the numbers from 1 to 20 in counting order, then 30 to 90 by tens, and finally 99, climb it. But as they all come before him, there is no room for him, so 0 starts to cry. After all the numbers are in the apple tree, 0 hides behind the tree when several bumblebees come and say that it is their tree. While counting backwards, the bumblebees fly around them, causing all the numbers (except 10 who was hiding, but including 99 who immediately disappeared), to tumble out of the tree. Also while tumbling out, 11 gets bent up, 8 gets a crack, and 6 gets twisted. The number 0 now knows where he would be in the apple tree. He goes to the top of the tree and joins with 10 to make the number 100, which scares all the bumblebees away, and all the other numbers come back out and cheer for the numbers 10 and 0.

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