Cartoon lizard coloring pages

Aug 08 2020

Founding members Trevor Lang and Ritchie Hemphill formed a band in high school under the name “Animal Astronauts”, which eventually disbanded and was replaced by the solo project of Trevor Lang. While Hemphill and Shilo Preshyon’s musical co-operations blossomed while living together in the city of Vancouver, and Preshyon and Alex Maunders found similarities in their musical style while attending Vancouver Community College, Brennan Doyle joined Lang’s solo act, re-emerging as the duo Tango Lima. After all five found themselves residing in Victoria, British Columbia, with no time-consuming musical obligations, Any previous projects were dropped to move forward with Cartoon Lizard, as all members had only dreamed of doing years prior. After the release of singles such as “Top of the Mornin'” and “Not Punk Not Raw”, Cartoon Lizard found attention from various Canadian News outlets for their original and feel-good harmonies and idiosyncratic instrumentation.

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