Barbie rapunzel coloring pages

Aug 28 2020

One day, Rapunzel and her friends open a secret passage to the basement where Rapunzel finds a gift from her parents: a silver hairbrush engraved with a message. Penelope also discovers a tunnel underneath the floor. Rapunzel follows it, leading to the small kingdom outside. Outside the castle Rapunzel saves Princess Katrina from a pit trap with the help of her older brother, Prince Stefan. He tells her the trap was set by King Wilhelm, the ruler of an opposing kingdom who has an ongoing feud with Stefan’s father, King Frederick. Rapunzel hurries off without learning Stefan’s name to avoid Gothel discovering her disappearance. However, Gothel’s pet ferret, Otto, who had followed Rapunzel, informs his mistress of Rapunzel meeting a man. When Rapunzel insists she doesn’t know the name of the man she met when Gothel questions her, her paintings are destroyed and her room transformed into a high tower with Penelope’s father, Hugo, tasked with ensuring she doesn’t leave. As Rapunzel sleeps, the hairbrush magically transforms into a paintbrush.

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